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This website now has a secure contact form, which you can use to send me encrypted messages. The form uses PGP encryption, so that your messages are encrypted before being sent to me. While this method of communication is largely superior to unencrypted emails, it is necessary to take additional precautions if you are in […]

23 March 2020

Article on Monetary Policy and Climate Change

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According to the IPCC, climate change is closely linked to unsustainable levels of material consumption in our modern societies. If this were indeed the case, it is necessary to examine the underlying causes of this economic phenomenon. In my recent article for the Blog Droit Européen, I argue that that unsustainable levels of consumption are […]

14 November 2019

“Bitcoin” or “Blockchain” : what will France choose ?

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Translated from the original in French. Wishing to adopt “a pioneering strategy (…) in terms of financial innovation and digital finance”, France has authorized, by two orders issued on April 28, 2016 and December 9, 2017, the use, in certain cases, of “shared electronic recording devices (“DEEP”)”, i.e., “blockchains”, for the registration of transactions relating […]

6 February 2018